0.24| Seenone | Nazareth




Artist Bio:

Nazareth Garcia is a Chicago based artist who grew up in the Northern Suburbs. She graduated with a BFA in fine arts at the American Academy of Art. She brings awareness to human and non-human beings who do not have a voice and attempts to honor them through her meticulous and detailed work.

Artist’s Own Words:

“I think an important possession that anyone can have is a journal they own. I’ve always wanted to be the kind of person to write in a journal and jot down all of my thoughts, worries, dreams and goals. For some reason I could never put myself to it. I see that words don’t come easy for me as it does for others. I felt like my vocabulary was so limited and i had a hard time trying to expand it. Later on in my life I realized that I had been building my own journal this whole time and that was through my sketchbooks. Doodling was my vocabulary and i didn’t need to search for the perfect word and worry about it being in the correct context because when i create a form the whole word is mine to imagine. This is when I found comfort in Zen-doodling. I found a rhythm, and without judgment, I let the invisible lines in my mind became real. The patience and meticulous details I added into these sketches soon became a work process that I used later on in many of my other pieces of work. It became my own form of relaxation and meditation. I feel the most “Zen”  in these times. “-  Nazareth Garcia

All I can say is this form of expression is something I wish I could do well. I’ve seen images like these in dreams I’ve had, but I can only put them into words, with Naz, she puts down her feelings into unabashedly grotesque human images that are a part of life and yet so often is ignored, avoided and even feared.   Her style is very much the essence of what I feel the art form of Ero-Guro  embodies in this current generation. I hope to see more of her works in the future. -DV


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