0.23 |Lust (Front Side)| Hand-made by Atsuhito

Atsuhito is self taught, he began making paper masks and other pieces from his imagination.

Check his DeviantArt page here:  http://atsuhito.deviantart.com/

(photo at bottom)

Atsuhito has honed his craft over the years to suit his own artistic vision. It was in Osaka, Japan the first time I saw Atsuhito’s works on display on the walls of a oddity/mystic themed bar called Kingu. The bar was a darkly lit, smoky from incense and cigars, and filled with artist/oddballs and lonely souls. I got up the courage to ask Atsuhito about his work and was amazed that Atsuhito was self taught and that he used paper to create these often life-like shapes and masks. He let me touch this particular piece because I was babbling on that it had to be real human skin. I was sadly disappointed as I inspected it and found it to be in fact made from paper and not some poor woman’s flayed and preserved skin.-DVlust_by_atsuhito-d6p16p6



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