0.20 | On Earth as it is in Heaven | Delise Vann

Don’t take my sky away.

Like a frozen over sea

I’m too afraid to go into you.

Surely I will die,

a sharp, painful, numbing death.

The stars dim, blending in

with the black sky.

Please don’t take my sky away,

like some ruler of the universe.

You promised me the moon,

then gave the stars to another.

The sun you saved for yourself.

Don’t take my sky away.

You wanted to have the

sun and moon converge

to become one.

No, seeing this impossibility,

you knew we’d never be.

Drifting alone in an endless frozen black sea

is this Earth, Space?

Cold stars reflecting, penetrating me

leaving me bleeding and hollow.

My sky stolen,

and my love forsaken on Earth.

I loved someone too dearly, and instead after taking my love, they vanished leaving me alone broken and lost.  Be careful who you give your power to in life.


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