0.19 | Swirling in the Wind | Delise Vann

I remember it was in a

sepia colored dream

you said you loved me.

It was in the grey life of yesterday

that you said you loved me.

Now as I live in the vibrancy

of the rainbow filled skies

you say goodbye.

You wipe my tears and sing:

Tomorrow you’ll be fine baby.

Yesterday was only Yesterday.

I loved you then.

I loved you then.

But tomorrow came

and my love did change.

So goodbye baby,


I wrote this on a grey and rainy day. I wrote a slow blues/jazz song for the lost love so many have known. When you’re old, and time has passed you by, and you find yourself sitting alone in a chair wondering what went wrong all those years ago. I want to live life so that I won’t be a sad old man alone and bitter with the world.


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