0.16 | Closing in on me | Kinsey Herzog

Please love me

 I’m sorry

Open my ribs up, dig into my entrails, eat me whole

I’m sorry, I must be a bad kid

 I do not deserve anyone’s love

 Don’t look away from my collapsing body please

 I know it is disgusting but I can’t bare to be alone

 I’m sorry, I’m sorry

Eat my heart, eat my liver, it hurts but I deserve it

 I am a bad kid

 Peel off my skin eat that too

Uncle please

 Suck up all of me

 Please love me

 I’ll give you everything I have

 Please forgive me

 It hu…u…r..t..s

 I’m h..a..p..p..y

 Uncle Uncle Uncle Uncle Uncle Uncle Uncle Uncle Uncle Uncle Uncle


It’s not right…not…right


Motivations of writing: I had a pedophilic uncle and an abusive ex boyfriend that often toyed with my emotions. They both haunt me to this day. My ex often spoke of wanting to eat me. I felt often it was my fault they were doing bad things to me. I was desperate for love. This poem sort of tells the things I was thinking, a combination of love and fear.


Intentions: Nobody is alone when they love someone hurting them. That mixture of fear and love is quite common. The desperate feeling of wanting love, even if it comes with a price to pay. People knowing this is important.

Author bio

     Kinsey Herzog is a creative writing major at Columbia College Chicago. She enjoys dance, writing, and film. In the future, she wants to be a young adult novelist.



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