0.12 | Breaking News!: Missionaries finally discover and colonize the Twilight Zone! | Delise Vann


“Look to the sky.

I’ll return.

Look to the sky,

remember my promise.

I’ll take you all with me,

up into the sky-”

Forever gazing,

they became blinded by the Sun.

Forever praying,

they internalized their Minds.

They stopped looking to the skies.

Their minds searched within

hoping for His return.

Where are you?

Forever gazing,

they became blinded by the Sun.

Forever hoping,

they became mindless.

Earthbound waiting.

Earthbound praying.

Earthbound lost.

Motivations for writing

The Twilight Zone is supposed to be that area between reality and imagination. That area between asleep and awake. The grey zone where anything and everything can happen, as endless in possibilities. Rod Serling created an amazing TV show that pushed the boundaries of story telling on television in the 1960’s in the US. This show inspires thousands of children and adults to look at the world in a different way and to use their own imaginations to create fantastical and moving stories or realities.

Censoring and manipulating people’s thoughts is the worst insult to me. Don’t let people tell you not to create or imagine something. Your mind is your own. I won’t let people take my imagination away from me anymore. Life is what we make of it, it’s too short to live life by others standards that are only there to ensure that nothing ever changes.


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