0.11 | Only the Raven knows | Delise Vann

“The world treats my love for you like some dirty perversion that will only ever exist in my dreams.”

As I withdrew from the world of humans, the Raven’s voice became clearer.

There he sat in the black skeleton tree, occasionally bobbing back and forth, causing the last red apple to sway precariously on it’s stem.

I laid underneath the tree, listening to him babble of worlds unknown, of lives not yet lived. There in his words, I saw my own future foretold. It spiraled from his ebony beak down and down till the future did come upon me, seeping into my mind.

A small shadow flitted along the ground before my eyes.

Hopeful, I gazed up, yet all I saw was the clear black sky, void of stars, and the moon was near in a distant way.

The Sparrow was always around, just beyond my vision. Still, I could hear him cascading with the stars, tumbling through the sky above me.

Off in the grey-green forest, the silver white Fox and the large grey Wolf wrestled playfully, sounds of joy echoed towards me.

The Raven began to dance on the black hollow limb,

till finally the red apple did fall.

It fell for what seemed like eternity,

for Time had lost it’s meaning to us all.

Finally the red orb landed on my mangy head,

causing a dusty expired dog sigh to escape me.

“What does a Dog know of loving a Sparrow?”

I persisted, but the Raven’s caws shattered the red orb into crimson rain.

It fell to the earth collecting into a pool of blood.

There I saw us, slowly our souls were becoming intwined.

A muddy tear rolled down my black and white fur.

“Is this pain love?” I whispered.

The Raven only smiled with pearly sharp teeth and laughed far .

Time reversed.

The apple was one.

Up into the sky it receded,

once again connecting with the tree.

The Raven continued to laugh gleefully, eerily

as it spread it’s wings that shone in the moonlight’s shadow.

It took off into the night, to join the Wolf and Fox.

Slowly, as if the world held me, I joined my family.

A soft fluttering of wings followed behind me.

Motivations for writing

My spirit family all have their own spirit animals. So I used those animals to reflect how I feel about them. This was written before my fiancé who is the sparrow was back in my life. I had only my dreams of someday being with him to keep me going but finally now he is mine and when I look back on this piece it reminds me I was in love with him when I didn’t even know him.


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