0.07 | “I” Is for Isolation (己独)| Written by Delise Vann | Translated by Imoto

I speak but no one listens,
I cry and am not heard.
By the time I was dead,
I had laid waste to all I held dear

with my bloody river of despair.

Japanese Translation:




Motivations for writing

My friend Yoshiki (よ しき ), the singer and writer for the band Haikarahakuchi (はいからはくち)  understands how bi-polar depression can end up destroying everything good in your life. Both of us hit rock bottom and are learning now to trust our voice, him with his band and me with my writings. A mutual friend and his current bassist, Imoto(いもと), translated the poem into Japanese. I was staying in their apartment in Japan this December, and enjoyed spending time with my Japanese brothers while I was there. The night before I left I painted something for their band Haikarahakuchi (はいからはくち) and wrote a poem on the back.



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