0.02 | Manson’s | Delise Vann

Remember the pied piper?

He led all your children down the drain.

With his charming, hypnotic aura,

his sensual sultry eyes and voice,

with his soulless guitar in hand.

The fair maidens danced in the blood of violence

Strong in their sisterhood of The Family,

yet disconnected from their motherhood,

lost in the songs of a vengeful god.

He took their love, turned it foul

and threw it Helter Skelter.

Motivations for writing

Charles Manson wanted fame and glory for his music. He never got it, so he turned his rage into a dogma and brainwashed the people in his cult to commit gruesome murders in his name.  The next time someone (person or government or god) asks you to kill for them, ask them why they don’t do it themselves and see how long they keep you around after that.


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