Hello World from Team Erotesque

We created Erotesque because we want to create a space that won’t limit, but promote self-expression. This magazine is for all who need a cathartic space to share their scars.


Issue 1

Theme: Puberty

Deadline: September 30th, 2017

Send to: contact@erotesque.com

All forms of mediums are welcome for this issue.

Release of the first issue of Erotesque Magazine is October 31st, 2017.

However before this official number release of the magazine we will be posting exclusive content (content that wont appear in any issue) on our blog.

The theme for the first issue is puberty. This is a very important and vulnerable period in many people’s lives. We think that this would be a good theme to help people expand their minds and ease into the realm of Ero-Guro.

We are looking for works that are raw and push the limits (this is integral to Ero-Guro). We believe that our submission process is fair and we expect most pieces to make it into Issue 1 or onto the blog. However, if we don’t accept a piece we will let you know why and work with you if that’s what is desired.

❤ Team Erotesque

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